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Cutting Edge Fred is a premier hair stylist in New York City dedicated to providing personalized and easy to maintain hairstyles by Fred Stepkin, an expert stylist who listens to your needs. When crafting the best hairstyle for you, Fred takes into account your hair’s natural texture, your facial features and lifestyle needs, to create a cutting edge hairstyle that works with your look and daily routine. Fred continues to attend industry workshops and style sessions to be ahead of the trend and on top of the freshest styles out of NYC. The time and expertise Fred gives to crafting a style, creates a look that’s surprisingly easy to maintain. Combine that quality with years of training and salon experience to accurately assess facial features and hair texture, and that creates the ultimate experience in hairstyling.

Fred began his outstanding career in 1979 with Jean Louis David International in high-fashion boutique store Henri Bendels.

As an innovator, Fred instinctively knows what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Fred’s inspirational work caught the attention of Jean Louis David, and he was one of a few stylists chosen to help open a second salon in the United States located in Beverly Hills.

He traveled throughout the country training hairdressers in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Canada, Chicago and Florida, showing his vision of modern haircuts. He returned to NYC where he continued his success teaching creative hair cutting, while maintaining his own loyal clientele at the Plaza Hotel.

Fred’s knowledge and experience of how to cut hair intuitively has given him the understanding of depth & balance with a persons features. He has a gift when it comes to cutting, texturing and shaping hair.

Are you looking  for something new? Are you ready for a change to yourself? Call today and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. This is the first step in how Fred will help you find the hair design that will complement your best features.

Fred will walk you through each step. And with the end result, your hair will look & feel fantastic! With a fun hairstyle and one that is easy to maintain, you’ll have the choice to wear your fresh cutting edge style casually or dress it up for a special occasion.

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